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13:31 10.12.2019 Suomi
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ANSA 10.12.19 15:17
.Doping: tribunale Losanna respinge ricorso Schwazer
Legale, andiamo avanti per arrivare a sospensione squalifica
BBCW 10.12.19 15:16
.Floods and power cuts hit South Africa
Some 700 homes have been swept away, power stations have been flooded and mining has been affected.
GU 10.12.19 15:11
.Democrats to unveil articles of impeachment against Trump – live
House Democrats to hold press conference at 9am ET to unveil articles of impeachment over abuse of power and obstruction of CongressHelp us cover the critical issues of 2020. Consider making a contribution 1.11pm GMT In the aftermath of the Department of Justice report about the Russia investigation Trump is also cross, oddly enough, about the FBI:I don’t know what report current Director of the FBI Christopher Wray was reading, but it sure wasn’t the one given to me. With ...
BBCW 10.12.19 15:10
.Trump impeachment: House Democrats to unveil formal charges
The move is a key step towards a full vote in the US House of Representatives.
GU 10.12.19 15:01
.Chechen killed in Berlin was cruel and bloodthirsty, claims Putin
Politicians in Germany say the allegations from the Russian president are designed to muddy the waters around the murder Vladimir Putin has claimed the Chechen separatist shot dead in Berlin in what prosecutors believe was a state-sanctioned assassination had been responsible for carrying out killings on Russian soil, frustrating German politicians who have sought clarification over the Kremlin’s involvement in the murder.At a joint press conference with the leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine at the end of a summit ...
MIR 10.12.19 15:00
.New Zealand volcano: Brit's fears for dad and stepmum as pair won't answer phone
Karl Rakos, 57, and Deb Rakos, 50, from Darlington in County Durham, have been on a cruise in New Zealand but have not made contact with son Mark since the volcano eruption on White Island that has killed at least six
ANSA 10.12.19 14:55
.Mattarella, le paure sono contagiose e creano contrapposizioni
Il Presidente della Repubblica sottolinea però come sia 'contagiosa anche la pace' e come questa vada 'difesa ogni giorno con l'impegno quotidiano'
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 14:55
.Ellen, 29, har byggt sitt drömhus – i pepparkaka
Ellen Hansson såg sina drömmars hus på Instagram – nu har hon byggt det som pepparkakshus. Inspirationen kommer från Stockholms skärgård. – Idén föddes när jag såg bilden på villan, men sedan hittade jag på resten själv, säger hon.
BBCW 10.12.19 14:53
.Algeria jails two former prime ministers ahead of election
They were accused of abusing authority in a car manufacturing embezzlement scandal.
MIR 10.12.19 14:52
.Security guard filmed 'kicking male in the head' at London's Winter Wonderland
A security guard was sacked and another suspended after footage showing three men in high-vis jackets kicking and punching a male in the head was published online
BBCW 10.12.19 14:52
.Chilean plane en route to Antarctica disappears with 38 on board
The Chilean Hercules military transport aircraft disappeared while en route to an air force base.
ANSA 10.12.19 14:52
.Il premier etiope riceve il Nobel per la pace
'Con l'Eritrea non siamo nemici, entrambi vittime della povertà'
GU 10.12.19 14:51
.Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61
The voice behind It Must Have Been Love had suffered from health problems after undergoing radiation treatment for a brain tumourMarie Fredriksson, who as the singer of Roxette was one of the most recognisable voices in 1980s and 90s pop, has died aged 61 following a long illness.Her family said in a statement to Expressen, a newspaper in her native Sweden: “It is with great sadness that we have to announce that one of our biggest and most beloved artists ...
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 14:49
.Så följer du Nobeldagen 2019 – timme för timme
10 december är det dags för årets fest i Stockholm.Först delas Nobelprisen ut – sedan blir det kunglig Nobelbankett i Stockholms Stadshus.Så här följer du hela kalaset.
ANSA 10.12.19 14:48
.Premier etiope riceve Nobel per la pace
'Con l'Eritrea non siamo nemici, entrambi vittime della povertà'
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 14:46
.Västsvensk polis prisad av prinsessan Madeleine
IT-brottsutredaren Andreas Grym som arbetar i region Väst belönades med Childhood-priset och fick ta emot priset från prinsessan Madeleine. Han fick motta priset för sitt arbete med att identifiera barn som utsatts för sexuella övergrepp på internet.”Andreas kämpar för att varje barn ska bli lyssnat till och tar alltid barnets perspektiv, trots att han bara möter dem på nätet. En sann hjälte och inspiratör som aldrig ger sig”, stod det bland annat i motiveringen.
LOCSE 10.12.19 14:36
.Swedish Roxette star Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61
Swedish pop legend Marie Fredriksson of Roxette has passed away at the age of 61, her management team announced on Tuesday.
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 14:27
.E6 avstängd efter olycka – tre personer inblandade
E6 är avstängd under tisdagseftermiddagen efter en olycka mellan bilar. Olyckan inträffade i höjd med Rydebäck mellan Malmö och Helsingborg.Alla inblandade ska vara ute ur fordonen, enligt polisens hemsida. 
MIR 10.12.19 14:25
.Ex-boyfriend of mum stabbed to death in 'row after car crash' breaks silence
Charity worker Levi Davis, 25, suffered fatal injuries in an "altercation" following a collision in Rushden, Northamptonshire - a bloody handprint on a door frame is also being probed
GU 10.12.19 14:25
.Chilean air force says missing plane with 38 onboard has crashed
Rescue team searching for survivors of C-130 Hercules flight bound for AntarcticaThe Chilean air force has said one of its cargo planes that went missing for more than 12 hours with 38 people onboard has crashed and a rescue team is searching for survivors.The C-130 Hercules took off at 4.55pm (1955 GMT) on Monday from Punta Arenas in the south and was heading to a base in Antarctica, but operators lost contact with the plane just over an hour later. ...
BBCW 10.12.19 14:24
.New Zealand volcano: What we know about those affected
The latest information on the people affected by the deadly eruption on New Zealand's White Island.
MIR 10.12.19 14:23
.Jeremy Corbyn reads out mean tweets about himself - with hilarious results
Jeremy Corbyn said he found reading out mean tweets about himself "surprisingly fun" - insults included a jibe about his "commie hat" and someone who claimed never to have heard of the Labour leader
ANSA 10.12.19 14:22
.Fan fuori del Tribunale di Torino pregano per Salvini
Il leader della Lega Matteo Salvini è stato accusato di vilipendio ma non sarà presente in Aula
ANSA 10.12.19 14:17
.Mes: Gualtieri, nessun tetto per i titoli di Stato
Eventuali modifiche renderebbero l'Europa l'unica giurisdizione al mondo priva di un asset liquido a rischio zero
ANSA 10.12.19 14:15
.Nadia Toffa e Teresa Bellanova, il 2019 su Twitter
In Italia tra hashtag popolari c'è Salvini, nel mondo Notre Dame
MIR 10.12.19 14:14
.Hugh Grant points out massive problem with Boris Johnson's Love Actually rip-off
The actor, who starred in the popular Christmas film, couldn't help but noticed the Tories missed a card reading 'tell the truth' from their general election campaign video mimicking the famous scene
MIR 10.12.19 14:11
.Woman left with Dumb and Dumber haircut after trusting boyfriend to trim fringe
A woman has been left with a rather unfortunate hairstyle after allowing her boyfriend to help trim her fringe
GU 10.12.19 14:06
.Gunman shoots dead six in Czech hospital then kills himself
Attack in hospital waiting room in Ostrava is deadliest mass shooting in country since 2015A gunman has killed six people in a hospital waiting room in the eastern Czech city of Ostrava before fleeing and fatally shooting himself.It was the worst shooting in the Czech Republic, where gun crime is relatively rare, since a man shot eight people dead and then killed himself at a restaurant in Uherský Brod in 2015. Continue reading...
MIR 10.12.19 14:03
.Girl's nasty cold was a rare brain condition that 'turned her back into a baby'
Ffion Westwater, from Merthyr Tydfil, was feeling unwell and shivery but when she began vomiting and complaining of headaches and her condition deteriorated her true illness was diagnosed
ANSA 10.12.19 14:02
.Milano-Cortina, Zaia: 'Governo ci dia la legge olimpica'
'Ancora non c'è alba, siamo preoccupati, serve entro l'anno'. Spadafora rassicura: 'Presto iter approvazione legge olimpica'
LOCES 10.12.19 13:58
.Barcelona: Catalan separatists plan 'mass protest' outside rearranged Clasico
Catalan separatists from Democratic Tsunami on Tuesday called for a massive protest around Camp Nou stadium on December 18th where Barcelona and Real Madrid are set to play their rearranged Clasico.
LOCES 10.12.19 13:53
.Spain's public holidays in 2020: Official list
Get organized and start planning those weekends away!
MIR 10.12.19 13:49
.Suicidal man, 28, killed himself near mum's ashes after 'NHS deemed him low risk'
Sam Pringle, 28, had a history of mental health problems and had just made a serious attempt at suicide but officials said he "did not meet the criteria" for a further assessment
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 13:48
.Per Gessles sorg: ”Tack Marie, tack för allt”
Marie Fredriksson har gått bort, 61 år gammal – och sörjs nu av Roxette-kollegan Per Gessle.I ett pressmeddelande tackar Per Gessle sin vän Marie Fredriksson, och sänder tankar till hennes familj.”All min kärlek till dig och din familj. Things will never be the same”, skriver Per Gessle till sin vän.
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 13:45
.Då hålls nya förhör med pojkvännen
Den mordmisstänkta pojkvännen vidhåller att han inte vet någonting om 17-åriga Wilma Anderssons försvinnande.Åklagaren menar dock att misstankarna mot honom stärkts under utredningens gång och fortsätter pressa honom i förhör.– Det sker regelbundet efter överenskommelse med försvarare och när det tillkommer något som vi vill kolla med honom. Nästa förhör blir nog i morgon onsdag, säger åklagare Jim Westerberg. 
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 13:43
.Marie Fredriksson är död – världsstjärnan blev 61 år
Världsstjärnan och en av våra mest folkkära artister Marie Fredriksson har avlidit. Hon blev 61 år gammal.Marie Fredriksson sörjs närmast av sin make Mikael Bolyos och deras två barn.”Det är med stor sorg vi måste meddela att en av våra största och mest älskade artister är borta. Marie Fredriksson avled på morgonen den 9 december i sviterna av sin tidigare sjukdom”, skriver Marie Dimberg i ett pressmeddelande.
SPIEG 10.12.19 13:42
.Women at Work: Syrian Refugees Find Meaningful Jobs in Jordan
Whether it's unclogging pipes or sewing pillowcases for a multinational furniture giant, some of the hundreds of thousands of Syrian women who have fled to Jordan in recent years are going to great lengths to make ends meet.
BBCW 10.12.19 13:37
.White Island volcano: Rescuer tells of 'Chernobyl'-like scene
A paramedic who saved tourists says conditions were like something from the Chernobyl mini-series.
GU 10.12.19 13:36
.Aung San Suu Kyi in court as genocide hearing opens in The Hague
World’s failure to act over Myanmar is ‘stain on collective conscience’, court toldThe international community’s failure to act over allegations of genocide perpetrated by Myanmar’s military against the Rohingya people is a “stain on the collective conscience” of the world, the international court of justice in the Hague has been told.Abubacarr Marie Tambadou, the Gambia’s attorney general and justice minister, said as he opened his country’s case against Myanmar: “I stand before you to awaken the conscience of the world ...
MIR 10.12.19 13:35
.Remarkable story of Bertha von Suttner - Nobel Prize winner who made history
Bertha von Suttner was an Austrian-Bohemian writer and activist who promoted pacifism and women's rights, becoming a leading light against war and conflict
MIR 10.12.19 13:35
.'True clowns don't wear masks' - chilling words of paedophile children's entertainer
Rob Jamieson, who was known professionally as Bobby Bubbles, was yesterday jailed for 14 years for a string of historic sex offences
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 13:32
.Åklagaren yrkar: Fängelse i 4 till 7 år för Allra-profilerna
Åklagaren yrkar på sju års fängelse för tidigare Allra-vd:n Alexander Ernstberger.Det beskedet lämnade åklagaren under slutpläderingen i Stockholms tingsrätt.– Det har varit en oerhörd förslagenhet. Man har i princip gått hur långt som helst, sa kammaråklagare Thomas Hertz i tingsrätten. 
MIR 10.12.19 13:31
.Boy, 12, killed in hit and run outside school died of severe head injury
Harley Watson died after a car ploughed into him and other children leaving Debden Park High School in Loughton, Essex
BBCW 10.12.19 13:30
.Czech shooting: Gunman kills six at hospital in Ostrava
The man opened fire at the hospital in Ostrava before going on the run and shooting himself dead.
GU 10.12.19 13:30
.Fake claim about hospital boy 'came from hacked account'
Woman whose name was on the post denies claiming photo of four-year-old had been stagedFollow the latest election news – liveA false online story that the photograph of an ill boy lying on the floor of Leeds General infirmary was staged came from a hacked account, according to the medical secretary whose name was attached to the initial post.The woman, whose name the Guardian is withholding because she says she has received death threats since the post was made, denied ...
GU 10.12.19 13:28
.Brexit deal includes two-way customs checks, insists Ireland
Foreign minister challenges Johnson’s claim about goods moving from Northern Ireland to Britain Latest election news - live updatesSimon Coveney, Ireland’s foreign minister, has challenged Boris Johnson’s claim that under his Brexit deal there would be no checks or controls on goods moving between Northern Ireland and Britain.Coveney insisted that under the terms of the withdrawal agreement the prime minister negotiated with the European Union there would be inspections on goods moving in both directions. Continue reading...
MIR 10.12.19 13:23
.Jonathan Ashworth outs Tory 'friend' who leaked 'wind-up' phone call
Labour's Shadow Health Secretary said he was pulling Tory activist Greig Baker's leg on the phone call. "I thought he was a friend. Obviously he's not."
ANSA 10.12.19 13:21
.Francia bloccata per il sesto giorno
Inasprita la mobilitazione, domani gli annunci del governo
ANSA 10.12.19 13:19
.Atene attacca l'intesa Turchia-Libia
'Tentativo di espandere i diritti di trivellazione turca'
MIR 10.12.19 13:11
.Hospital issues 'black alert' as A&E winter demand means patient safety is 'at risk'
The Royal Bolton Hospital in Greater Manchester issued a 'black alert' status - known internally as OPEL 4 - after it deemed that it could not deliver "comprehensive care" to patients
MIR 10.12.19 13:09
.Disabled mum and son, 9, face being homeless at Christmas after blaze destroys house
Disabled Lisa Camilleri and her autistic nine-year-old son Alfie are now living separately after the Hoover tumble dryer blaze at their flat in Shenley, Hertfordshire, has left them homeless
SPIEG 10.12.19 13:04
.Might Makes Right? Donald Trump Damages America By Defanging WTO
On Wednesday, the World Trade Organization will be effectively rendered useless at the will of Donald Trump. With the United States having profited from the WTO more than most, his attacks make little sense.
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 13:02
.M och KD:s besked: Lämnar energiöverenskommelsen
Moderaterna och Kristdemokraterna lämnar energiöverenskommelsen, skriver Dagens industri. – Vi har beslutat oss för att lämna, säger KD:s energipolitiska talesperson Camilla Brodin, till tidningen. 
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 12:58
.Förslaget: Bo på egen ö – i miljonrenoverat hus
Bo på en helt egen ö i ett miljonrenoverat hus? Det är ingen omöjlighet!Framtiden för Göta kanals enda ö, Lanthöjden, är oklar. Men helst vill kanalbolaget Göta Kanal se att vakthuset på ön bebos året runt, vilket P4 Skaraborg rapporterade om.– I så fall kan det handla om en renovering för tre, fyra miljoner kronor, säger Roger Altsäter, vd för Göta Kanal.
MIR 10.12.19 12:54
.Brexit Party councillor says Muslims 'outbreed us' and 'live like animals'
Brexit Party Hartlepool councillor David Mincher was filmed on hidden camera making derogatory remarks about Muslims and claiming once he buried a pig's head under a mosque in a Channel 4 report
GU 10.12.19 12:54
.Vladimir Putin signals Russia will appeal against four-year Wada ban
• Russian president indicates there are ‘reasons to appeal’• Country has 21 days to respond to proposed sanctionsRussian president Vladimir Putin has said his country have ’reason to appeal’ against the four-year ban imposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Wada’s executive committee unanimously accepted a recommendation from its independent compliance review committee on Monday to impose sanctions on Russia.They include barring teams under a Russian flag from competing at the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020 and 2022 and the ...
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 12:52
.Linde: ”Oacceptabelt om detta har skett”
Kontroversielle Abiy Ahmed, Etiopiens president, är i Norge för att ta emot Nobels fredspris. Expressens granskning på plats i Etiopien ledde till vittnesmål om tortyr och dödsfall sanktionerade av Ahmed – och nu har Sveriges utrikesminister Ann Linde reagerat på uppgifterna. – Självklart är det oacceptabelt om det har skett, säger Linde. 
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 12:49
.Stora trafikstörningar efter flerbilskrock
Tre eller fyra bilar är inblandade i en trafikolycka på väg 158 i södergående riktning i höjd med Askimsbadet. Vägen var inledningsvis helt avstängd.– En kvinna har förts till sjukhus och två personer skulle vård på egen hand, säger Peter Adlersson, presstalesperson vid polisen i region Väst. 
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 12:38
.Hela listan: Länderna med sämst klimatarbete
USA får en bottenplacering när världens länder rankas i en ny rapport, som nu presenteras på klimatmötet i Madrid. Till och med Saudiarabiens klimatarbete är bättre. – Vi ser möjligheter att stoppa den globala utsläppsökningen. Men mycket beror på utvecklingen i Kina och det kommande valet i USA, säger Ursula Hagen, en av rapportförfattarna i en kommentar.Sverige rankas däremot som bäst av de länder som jämförts.
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 12:37
.MP:s nya förslag efter linbanan – fler broar
Planerna för den omdiskuterade linbanan över Göta älv i Göteborg har pausats. Miljöpartiet kommer med anledning av det lägga en motion på tisdagens kommunfullmäktige där de vill se en satsning på broar i stället. – Efter linbaneutredningen är det dags för politiskt ledarskap. Bygg broar som underlättar människors vardag, säger Karin Pleijel, kommunalråd i opposition för Miljöpartiet och vice ordförande i trafiknämnden i ett pressmeddelande. 
ANSA 10.12.19 12:33
.Diritti Umani, cosa prevede la Dichiarazione dell'Onu
Cosa prevedono i 30 articoli redatti dalla Commissione presieduta da Eleanor Roosvelt il 10 dicembre del 1948
EXPRESSE 10.12.19 12:30
.Mamma kastade fotboll i ansiktet på skolbarn
Kvinnan skulle lämna sitt barn på skolan när bilen träffades av en flygande fotboll.Hon svarade enligt åklagaren med att kasta bollen i huvudet på en av fotbollspelarna och skrika ”är du dum i huvudet”.Nu åtalas hon.
BBCW 10.12.19 12:27
.George Laurer, co-inventor of the barcode, dies at 94
The US engineer helped to perfect the technology to read barcodes, which revolutionised retail.
ANSA 10.12.19 12:11
.Erdogan: non escludo intervento in Libia
'Se Tripoli lo chiede. Illegittimo il sostegno russo ad Haftar'
SPIEG 10.12.19 12:09
.Political Economist Daran Acemoglu: 'Trump Poses a Great Risk to U.S. Democracy'
American economist Daron Acemoglu is deeply concerned about the future of democracy under Donald Trump. In a DER SPIEGEL interview, he speaks about the link between economic dissatisfaction and the rise of political extremism.
ANSA 10.12.19 12:07
.Le fake news più resistenti dei virus
Simulatore dimostra che per arginarli non basta l'informazione
LOCES 10.12.19 11:59
.#Navidad: How to make a Spanish version of mulled wine (using Galician fire-water!)
Heath Savage, who moved to rural Galicia from Australia, gets to grips with the local fire water and shares her own recipe for a Christmassy mulled wine.
ANSA 10.12.19 11:55
.Istat: produzione industria ottobre-2,4%
Il calo mensile è dello 0,3%
LOCES 10.12.19 11:18
.Broken water pipe and fog bring chaos to Madrid rail and road commuters
A broken water pipe caused chaos to Madrid commuters on Tuesday morning forcing cancellations and delays to trains on five circanías routes as well as Line 1 on the Metro.
BBCW 10.12.19 11:13
.Drugs and guns found on Juice Wrld's jet, police say
Police in Chicago say the rapper suffered a seizure as they questioned his entourage in an airport.
BBCW 10.12.19 11:12
.Bangalore: Dummies in police uniforms 'control' city traffic
Officials in India hope drivers will mistake them for real police and be less likely to break rules.
LOCES 10.12.19 10:13
.Ten magical ways to give your kids the best Spanish Christmas ever
What child wouldn't love the fact that in Spain you get to celebrate, not once, nor twice, but three times, during the festive period? Lisa Sadleir tells The Local how to get the best out of Christmas in Spain.
BBCW 10.12.19 9:44
.Ukraine and Russia agree to implement ceasefire
Talks between Russia and Ukraine's leaders end with a pledge of a ceasefire by the end of 2019.
LOCSE 10.12.19 9:38
.A complete guide to the perfect Christmas in Stockholm
During December days, Stockholm transforms into a Christmas city. One million lights bring a festive sparkle to the streets, countless markets are organized and the warm Christmas atmosphere can be felt everywhere. But where to begin? With The Local's guide, you can make the most of the Christmas season in Stockholm.
LOCSE 10.12.19 9:36
.Hundreds set to protest in Stockholm as Austrian writer receives Nobel Prize
Nobel literature laureate Peter Handke is set to receive his prize on Tuesday amid controversy over his decision to back Serbia during the wars in ex-Yugoslavia.
BBCW 10.12.19 8:51
.Seafloor scar of Bikini A-bomb test still visible
Seventy-three years after the first underwater nuclear explosion, scientists return to map the site.
GU 10.12.19 8:41
.Sydney's air 11 times worse than 'hazardous' levels as Australia's bushfires rage
Buildings evacuated as fire alarms triggered and ferry fleet groundedSydney disappeared behind a thick layer bushfire smoke that blanketed the city and pushed air quality 11 times higher than considered “hazardous” on Tuesday, while Australia’s weary firefighters faced what authorities warned were the potentially “lethal” combination of high temperatures and heavy winds.Across Sydney, buildings were evacuated regularly as fire alarms were triggered at random. During the morning commute, the sound of the ferries using their fog horns due to the ...
BBCW 10.12.19 8:40
.Sydney smoke: Residents 'choking' on intense bushfire pollution
Locals report the worst day yet of a haze that has sparked health problems and forced evacuations.
LOCSE 10.12.19 8:38
.Deported engineer sues Sweden over work permit rejections
An Iranian sales engineer who was forced to leave Sweden over a former employer's error is suing the state – the first time a deported labour immigrant is pressing charges against the country itself.
LOCSE 10.12.19 7:59
.#AdventCalendar: The dinner that proves Sweden is anything but lagom
Each day of December up until Christmas Eve, The Local is sharing the story behind a surprising Swedish fact as part of our own Advent calendar.
BBCW 10.12.19 4:50
.Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi is set to defend her country in the International Court of Justice.
BBCW 10.12.19 2:04
.Sanna Marin: The rising star set to lead Finland's 5.5 million
Sanna Marin, who at 34 will be at the head of a coalition of female leaders in Finland.
LOCES 09.12.19 17:41
.'I may be poor but I have a heart': Costa Blanca's street hawker tells of saving man from building
The Senegalese street seller who rescued a man from a burning building in Denia on the Costa Blanca said he isn’t a hero and only did what any what good human would do.
LOCSE 09.12.19 16:04
.Swedish #MeToo activist told to pay damages to man she accused of rape
A Swedish journalist has been ordered to pay thousands of kronor in damages to a man she claimed raped her, in a series of social media posts that got the #MeToo movement under way in Sweden.
LOCSE 09.12.19 15:10
.Opinion: Who will be crowned the Lucia of the Brexit election?
Does a Swedish symbol of light herald the end of the saga of Brexit, asks British writer and PhD student Sarah Campbell in this opinion piece for The Local.
DDE 09.12.19 14:58
.UN Climate Conference in Madrid
Thunberg and Neubauer called on the media to focus more on stories of children affected by climate change, rather than on their own.
DDE 09.12.19 14:51
.Skilled trades post strong summer
Handicraft companies recorded good business in the third quarter and a significant progress was made by the automotive industry.
LOCES 09.12.19 14:43
.'Thank you, you're a hero': Costa Blanca man saved from burning building by mystery street seller
Residents in Denia on Spain’s Costa Blanca are keen to track down the unknown hero who scaled a wall and climbed into a burning house to carry out a man trapped by flames.
DDE 09.12.19 14:27
.Merkel meets Macron in Paris
Germany and France will mediate between Ukraine and Russia in hopes of attaining peace in the region.
LOCSE 09.12.19 12:05
.Ex-Swedish ambassador to China faces trial over Gui Minhai meeting
Sweden's former ambassador to China faces an unprecedented trial over allegations she overstepped her authority during a meeting to secure the release of imprisoned bookseller Gui Minhai.
LOCES 09.12.19 11:01
.Eight amazing ski resorts in Spain
From the Pyrenees to the Sierra Nevada, The Local looks at some of the best places in Spain to hit the slopes and enjoy the après-ski.
LOCES 09.12.19 10:04
.British ambassador’s quest to reunite with Spanish woman ends in tears
Hugh Elliott, the newly appointed British ambassador to Madrid made headlines last week when he went public with a heartwarming story about the hospitality he received from a stranger on his first trip to Burgos in 1984.
LOCES 09.12.19 9:40
.El Gordo: Everything you need to know about Spain's Christmas lottery
If you're puzzled by all the long queues on streets around Spain in the lead-up to Christmas, then wonder no more. Welcome to Spain's unique 'El Gordo' (the Fat one) lottery, the richest in the world.
LOCSE 09.12.19 9:11
.Age discrimination begins at 40 for job-seekers in Sweden
Even job applicants in their early 40s start feeling the effects of age discrimination in the Swedish labour market, according to a new study. And 20 years later, your chances are extremely slim.
LOCSE 09.12.19 8:26
.#AdventCalendar: Why some Swedes put cheese in their coffee
Each day of December up until Christmas Eve, The Local is sharing the story behind a surprising Swedish fact as part of our own Advent calendar.
LOCSE 08.12.19 21:05
.Five top tips for foreigners buying an apartment in Sweden
Planning to buy your first apartment in Sweden? These five tips from Karin Hellgren, information head at state owned SBAB Bank, should help make the process smoother.
LOCSE 08.12.19 21:05
.Here's the most pointless pastime of the Swedes
No matter how hard he tried, Australian Oliver Gee just couldn't figure out why Swedes enjoy cross-country skiing so much.
LOCSE 08.12.19 21:04
.10 words English borrowed from Swedish (and what they really mean)
It's well known that Sweden's parent language Old Norse had an influence on English thanks to those pesky raiding Vikings, but did you know that Swedish itself has also left its mark on the tongue? Here are 10 words English borrowed from Swedish, and what they really mean.
GU 08.12.19 11:00
.'Bhopal’s tragedy has not stopped': the urban disaster still claiming lives 35 years on
The Union Carbide factory explosion remains the world’s worst industrial accident – but as its dreadful legacy becomes increasingly apparent, victims are still waiting for justice The residents of JP Nagar have no way to escape their ghosts. This ramshackle neighbourhood, on the outskirts of the Indian city of Bhopal, stands just metres away from the chemical factory which exploded just after midnight on 2 December 1984 and seeped poison into their lives forever. The blackened ruins of the Union ...
LOCSE 08.12.19 7:59
.#AdventCalendar: The story behind Sweden's most bizarre piece of taxidermy
Each day of December up until Christmas Eve, The Local is sharing the story behind a surprising fact about Sweden as part of our own Advent Calendar.
LOCSE 07.12.19 20:58
.What's a Swedish 'coordination number' and why do I need one?
Many foreigners who arrive in Sweden are given a samordningsnummer or 'coordination number' in English. But what does this ten-digit code mean, and what do you need to know about it?
GU 07.12.19 12:00
.The Bhopal disaster victims still waiting for justice 35 years on – in pictures
Photographer Judah Passow has documented those were affected by the Bhopal disaster 35 years ago, which killed an estimated 25,000 people ad has left more than 150,000 suffering from chronic medical conditionsJudah Passow has waived his fee for this work. Contributions to the Bhopal Medical Appeal can be made at www.bhopal.org Continue reading...
SPIEG 06.12.19 19:01
.Corruption, Clientelism and Murder: Malta Emerges as the EU's Next Problem Child
Two years after the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, Malta's vast cesspool of corruption has become impossible to ignore. The EU's smallest member state is on the brink of failure.
DDE 06.12.19 14:55
.Merkel expresses shame at Auschwitz
In her first visit to Auschwitz since taking office, the German Chancellor honours the victims of the German concentration camp.
GU 06.12.19 12:30
.Killer heat: US cities' plans for coming heatwaves fail to protect vulnerable
Exclusive: With heatwaves predicted to worsen dramatically over the next 30 years, many big US cities are failing to fully plan to protect those most vulnerable to extreme heat When heatwaves hammered US cities this summer, one of the hottest in recorded history, some city governments had plans in place to protect their most at-risk residents.Philadelphia’s plan sent homeless outreach teams to distribute water and bring people to cooling centers. Austin’s plan suspended electricity shutoffs for low-income or fixed-income customers. ...
SPIEG 06.12.19 11:34
.Losing Afghanistan: Why a Deal with the Taliban May Be Inevitable
In areas of Afghanistan where German troops once built schools, the Taliban is now capturing one district after the other. With no end to the war in sight, voices calling for a deal with the Taliban are growing.
SPIEG 06.12.19 11:30
.A Political Shift in Northern England: Ground Zero of the Brexit Class War
Northern England will decide the most important election in the United Kingdom's recent history. It was once a Labour Party heartland, but Brexit has changed everything. A visit to the battlefield.
LOCES 06.12.19 11:13
.Greta Thunberg arrives in Madrid in time for huge climate protest
Swedish teen eco-warrior Greta Thunberg was met by a crowd of supporters as her train reached Madrid’s Chamartin station on Friday morning ahead of a climate protest taking place in the Spanish capital.
LOCES 06.12.19 10:59
.The strange things Spanish parents do raising their children
One of the most obvious cultural clashes experienced when you move to a new country is just how differently parents go about bringing up their children.
LOCES 06.12.19 10:58
.The eight least touristy cities in Spain (and why you should visit them)
They may not be as popular as Barcelona, Seville or Valencia but it’s worth getting off the beaten track to discover some of the least touristy cities in Spain, and the wonderful things they have to offer.
DDE 05.12.19 14:58
.UNESCO report praises Germany
The report by the UN's cultural and scientific body found that too few adults in the world had access to education.
DDE 05.12.19 14:50
.Poverty still a risk
A new study shows, that poverty is still a risk in the industrialized world. Germany ranks well.
DDE 05.12.19 14:40
.German factory orders fall
Industrial order books in Europe's biggest economy shrunk by 0.4 per cent in October.
SPIEG 05.12.19 13:30
.Interview with University Founder Patrick Awuah: Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow's Africa
Education is the key to Africa's future, says Patrick Awuah, Jr. In an effort to unlock that future, he founded Ashesi University in 2002. We don't preach to people, he says, we engage them in conversation.
GU 05.12.19 9:00
.'People came to make noise': Porto's abandoned mall turned underground music hub
Musicians say Porto’s DIY studio complex Stop is a crucial arts space in a city dominated by tourism, but authorities say it’s unsafe and must closeAll photographs by Mark ScholesA mile east of the Luís I Bridge in the middle of a residential neighbourhood in Porto, Portugal’s second city, sits a bleak and decaying building.Initially a three-storey car park, then a thriving shopping centre, the building has more recently suffered from years of neglect. Its walls are sprayed with graffiti ...
SPIEG 04.12.19 18:04
.Persecution of the Uighurs: The West Must Respond to Chinese Oppression
There are many disturbing aspects to modern-day China, but its treatment of the Uighurs is the most despicable. The West must come up with a response to the inhuman persecution.
DDE 04.12.19 15:00
.Day two of NATO summit
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was relatively optimistic about the summit despite the differences.
DDE 04.12.19 14:55
.Worries about poverty in old age
According to a new survey, many Germans realize that the state pension will not suffice.
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