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GGL 22.10.19 8:04
.Netanyahu loses grip on Israeli politics after a decade - CNN
Netanyahu loses grip on Israeli politics after a decade  CNNView full coverage on Google News
CNN 22.10.19 7:28
.Students wear boxes on their heads during exam
A school in India has apologized after photos emerged of students wearing cardboard boxes on their heads during an exam to discourage cheating.
TIME 22.10.19 7:07
.Chile Is “At War” Its President Says, as Continuing Clashes Leave 12 Dead
The protests have shaken a nation noted for economic stability over the past decades
CNN 22.10.19 7:03
.Asian markets mostly move higher, following Wall Street's lead
Asian stocks mostly rose Tuesday, tracking a positive session on Wall Street overnight.
Y 22.10.19 7:00
.Boris Johnson Finally Gets to Put His Brexit Deal to the Vote
(Bloomberg) -- Prime Minister Boris Johnson will find out Tuesday evening whether he has any chance of getting his Brexit deal through Parliament -- and whether he can do it ahead of his Oct. 31 deadline.Having twice been denied a vote on whether members of Parliament support his deal, Johnson has introduced the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which would implement the ...
Y 22.10.19 6:37
.Avoid Buying Palm From Malaysia, Indian Group Tells Members
(Bloomberg) -- The trade spat between India, the world’s biggest palm buyer, and Malaysia seems to be escalating, with an influential processors’ group in Mumbai asking its members to refrain from buying the tropical oil from the second-largest producer. Futures in Kuala Lumpur fell on Tuesday.Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad last month told the United Nations that India “invaded and ...
TIME 22.10.19 6:34
.Japan’s New Emperor Is Declaring His Enthronement on Tuesday. Here’s What to Know
Emperor Naruhito will declare enthronement on Tuesday in an elaborate ceremony.
GGL 22.10.19 6:30
.Canadian vote projections indicate Trudeau will lead minority government - The Washington Post
Canadian vote projections indicate Trudeau will lead minority government  The Washington PostView full coverage on Google News
TIME 22.10.19 6:20
.Liberal Icon Justin Trudeau Appears Set to Hold Onto Government in Canada
The Prime Minister's party is projected to win a majority of seats in parliament
CNN 22.10.19 6:12
.Why Canada's election will be a cliffhanger
Nasty. It is not a word associated much with Canada -- except perhaps with the winters here. But during this election campaign, nastiness has been one of the only unifying themes, as parties trade insults and dig up scandals from coast to coast to coast.
CNN 22.10.19 6:07
.Trudeau's party projected to win general elections
Incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party is projected to win Canada's general elections, returning to power as a minority government, which would be a partnership with one or more other parties, according to CBC News and CTV News.
LA 22.10.19 6:00
.Justin Trudeau wins tight Canadian election, but he'll need a coalition to govern
Preliminary vote returns in a tight election indicated that neither Trudeau's Liberals nor his Conservative rivals will capture a majority in Parliament, though the incumbent prime minister was declared the winner because he has the whip hand in efforts soon to be underway to cobble together a governing coalition.
Y 22.10.19 6:00
.Once Beaten and Imprisoned, Kosovo’s Leader Now Has Greater Test
(Bloomberg) -- When NATO jets bombed Serb forces 20 years ago to push them out of Kosovo, Albin Kurti was packed onto a red bus with other political prisoners to be used as a human shield.He was beaten in custody, convicted of terrorism by a Serb court and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Fearing he’d never leave jail alive, ...
Y 22.10.19 5:59
.Brexit options: Extension or just more tension
Boris Johnson’s Brexit extension letters are in, but Brussels is in no hurry to respond. With Westminster still very much in a political fog, the 27 other nations of the European Union are biding their time before replying to the U.K. government’s (reluctant) request to extend the deadline for Britain’s departure beyond October 31. If Johnson can get ...
CNN 22.10.19 4:50
.West is 'paying the price for supporting riots in Hong Kong,' Chinese state media claims
Chinese state-run media has published a series of editorials and opinion pieces drawing parallels between violent protests in Hong Kong, Spain and Chile -- accusing the West of hypocrisy in its response.
Y 22.10.19 4:23
.Putin and Orban reportedly heavily influenced Trump's beliefs on Ukraine
President Trump's perception of Ukraine being a corrupt country was reinforced by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who made disparaging comments about the country during conversations with Trump, U.S. officials told The Washington Post.This information was shared by George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of state, during his closed-door testimony last week as part of the ...
LA 22.10.19 4:13
.'Time for action' in Israel, after Netanyahu fails to form a government
Netanyahu had hoped to form a broad unity government with his chief rival, former military chief Benny Gantz. But he came up short.
Y 22.10.19 4:13
.Trump viewed Ukraine as adversary, not ally, witnesses say
The president, according to people familiar with testimony in the House impeachment investigation, sees the Eastern European ally, not Russia, as responsible for the interference in the 2016 election that was investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller. It's a view denied by the intelligence community, at odds with U.S. foreign policy and dismissed by many of Trump's fellow Republicans, ...
LA 22.10.19 3:58
.U.S. public land workers assaulted or threatened at least 360 times over five-year period
Federal employees overseeing U.S. public lands were assaulted or threatened at least 360 times over a five-year period marked by heightened tensions with anti-government groups and dwindling ranks of law enforcement officers.
GGL 22.10.19 3:31
.All US armored vehicles evacuating northeast Syria have arrived in Iraq, defense official says - Fox News
All US armored vehicles evacuating northeast Syria have arrived in Iraq, defense official says  Fox NewsView full coverage on Google News
Y 22.10.19 3:17
.Huawei Lobbying Spend Hits Record With Hire of Trump Fundraiser
(Bloomberg) -- Huawei Technologies Co.’s lobbying spending spiked in the third quarter as the Chinese telecom giant hired a fundraiser for President Donald Trump with deep ties to Republican leadership to help it fight back against the administration’s blacklisting of the company from the U.S. market.Huawei spent a company record of $1.8 million on federal lobbying in the three months ...
GGL 22.10.19 2:55
.A Reporter Walked Into a Prison Full of ISIS Detainees - The New York Times
A Reporter Walked Into a Prison Full of ISIS Detainees  The New York Times
Y 22.10.19 2:29
.The Latest: Syrian Kurdish leader likens US move to genocide
Among those she saw were senators who have sponsored a bipartisan measure sanctioning Turkey until it halts its invasion of northern Syria. Two of those sponsors are South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham and Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollen. Graham said the U.S. should guard Syrian oilfields, and he called for an international force to guard a demilitarized zone ...
GGL 22.10.19 2:26
.Trump tells 'Hannity' he wants AG Barr to 'find out what is going on' with potential ties between Hillary C... - Fox News
Trump tells 'Hannity' he wants AG Barr to 'find out what is going on' with potential ties between Hillary C...  Fox NewsView full coverage on Google News
Y 22.10.19 2:17
.Last U.S. Base in Syria ‘Is Everything Wrong With Trump’s War’
Delil Souleiman/GettyIn the southeastern Syrian desert, near the Jordan and Iraq borders, far from the ruins of the Caliphate or the carnage of the Turkish invasion, lies the terminal phase of a U.S. war. A dusty garrison outpost called al-Tanf, or sometimes at-Tanf, is now the last redoubt for the American forces in Syria that have occupied it since 2016. It ...
LA 22.10.19 2:02
.House panel to vet minority contracting program after Times investigation into 'Cherokee' claims
The Times found that companies received more than $300 million in government contracts based on unverified claims that their owners were Native American.
Y 22.10.19 1:56
.Facebook Pledges Tighter Scrutiny for Next U.K. Election
(Bloomberg) -- Facebook Inc. said it will set up a dedicated U.K. operations center during the next election, to counter misinformation networks, fake news stories and outside interference from other countries.Britain has consistently criticized Russia for attempting to manipulate elections around the world, while insisting there’s no evidence of interference in U.K. votes such as the 2016 Brexit referendum. But ...
Y 22.10.19 1:49
.Nobel laurate Jody Williams campaigns against killer robots
Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams is helping lead a campaign for a new international treaty to ban killer weapons that can select targets and fire without decision-making by a human being. Williams, who shared the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for her key role in the successful campaign for a treaty banning land mines, came to New York with members ...
GGL 22.10.19 1:37
.What You Need to Know About the Unrest in Chile - The New York Times
What You Need to Know About the Unrest in Chile  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News
Y 22.10.19 1:31
.'America is running away': Syrian withdrawal turns chaotic
The crowd hurled potatoes that thudded on the sides of the hulking U.S. armored vehicles. What happened to Americans? one man shouted in English up at the sole U.S. soldier visible on the back of a vehicle. It was yet another indignity in a U.S. withdrawal that has been carried out over the past two weeks with more ...
Y 22.10.19 1:17
.US may now keep some troops in Syria to guard oilfields
The Pentagon chief said the plan was still in the discussion phase and had not yet been presented to Trump, who has repeatedly said the Islamic State has been defeated. Esper emphasized that the proposal to leave a small number of troops in eastern Syria was intended to give the president maneuver room and wasn't final. There has ...
TIME 22.10.19 1:02
.U.S. Diplomat Who Said ‘It’s Crazy to Withhold Security Assistance’ in Ukraine Text Messages to Testify to Congress
William Taylor has emerged as an unlikely central player in the impeachment inquiry
GGL 22.10.19 0:50
.The last 72 hours in Brexit, explained - Vox.com
The last 72 hours in Brexit, explained  Vox.comView full coverage on Google News
GGL 22.10.19 0:45
.Lindsey Graham Isn’t Breaking From Donald Trump - Slate
Lindsey Graham Isn’t Breaking From Donald Trump  SlateView full coverage on Google News
Y 22.10.19 0:44
.U.S. Wins Court Seizure of North Korean Cargo Vessel
(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. won a court battle to take control of a North Korean cargo ship that had been used to sell coal and import heavy machinery, skirting economic sanctions on the country.Federal prosecutors in New York said Monday that they secured a judgment from U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel awarding the ship, a Handysize bulk carrier known as ...
Y 22.10.19 0:37
.Your Evening Briefing
(Bloomberg) -- Want to receive this post in your inbox every afternoon? Sign up hereSenator Elizabeth Warren on Monday unveiled an $800 billion plan to reshape U.S. public education. The Democratic presidential candidate’s signature wealth tax will pay for school and child-care initiatives—in effect transferring the cost of raising America’s children from all taxpayers to just the richest families. Here are today’s top storiesTeva ...
GGL 22.10.19 0:17
.Live updates: Trump urges GOP to ‘get tougher and fight’ impeachment as Pelosi details his ‘shakedown’ of Ukraine - The Washington Post
Live updates: Trump urges GOP to ‘get tougher and fight’ impeachment as Pelosi details his ‘shakedown’ of Ukraine  The Washington PostView full coverage on Google News
LA 21.10.19 23:10
.Their city lacks public spaces for protests, so Beirut residents made their own
Beirut is a city with very few public spaces, which has led anti-government protesters to carve out their own gathering spots.
TIME 21.10.19 22:24
.Netanyahu Fails to Form New Government Coalition, Returns Mandate to Israeli President
Netanyahu had hoped to form a 'unity' government with his rival, Benny Gantz
TIME 21.10.19 21:49
.Amid Drought, At Least 55 Elephants Have Starved to Death in Zimbabwe’s Largest National Park
This is the worst drought in years in the southern African nation
GGL 21.10.19 19:52
.Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary over Russian asset claim in new ad - Fox News
Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary over Russian asset claim in new ad  Fox NewsView full coverage on Google News
GGL 21.10.19 19:37
.Meghan Markle Discusses Her Identity as a Woman of Color Within the Royal Family - HarpersBAZAAR.com
Meghan Markle Discusses Her Identity as a Woman of Color Within the Royal Family  HarpersBAZAAR.comView full coverage on Google News
TIME 21.10.19 18:38
.Thailand’s King Strips His Royal Consort of Her Title Over Alleged Disloyalty, ‘Inappropriate Behavior’
She was the first person to hold that title in almost a century
GGL 21.10.19 18:07
.Thai king strips consort of class=linkki titles for 'disloyalty' - BBC News
Thai king strips consort of titles for 'disloyalty'  BBC NewsView full coverage on Google News
LA 21.10.19 17:56
.Hong Kong leaders apologize for water cannon use at mosque
Hong Kong officials were scrambling to minimize the fallout from the incident at the mosque, one of the city's most well-known religious sites.
GGL 21.10.19 17:47
.WikiLeaks founder Assange struggles to recall his name and age at London court hearing - CNBC
WikiLeaks founder Assange struggles to recall his name and age at London court hearing  CNBCView full coverage on Google News
TIME 21.10.19 15:00
.Boris Johnson Is Bracing for a Showdown on His Brexit Deal. Here’s What to Expect
Your burning Brexit questions, answered
TIME 21.10.19 15:00
.Potatoes Thrown at American Troops As They Depart Northeastern City in Syria
The scene encapsulated the Kurds' feelings of betrayal
LA 21.10.19 15:00
.Newsletter: Inside a camp for Kurdish refugees
Here are the stories you shouldn't miss today: TOP STORIES Inside a Camp for Kurdish Refugees In just two weeks, the conflict in northeastern Syria — where President Trump ordered the withdrawal of U.S. forces as Turkish forces advanced into Syrian territory — has displaced more than 200,000 people, according to various official estimates.
LA 21.10.19 15:00
.Think Warren's too liberal? Biden's old news? Midwesterners Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar want to talk to you
Midwestern moderates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are making a strong case against the liberalism of Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.
LA 21.10.19 14:00
.Report details how ExxonMobil and fossil fuel firms sowed seeds of doubt on climate change
A new report details how ExxonMobil and the fossil fuel industry, over decades, worked to deceive the public over the science of climate change and avoid regulation.
CNN 21.10.19 13:12
.JPMorgan wants to hire people with criminal backgrounds
JPMorgan wants to give people with criminal records a second chance at a good job.
GGL 21.10.19 2:33
.White House Moves Testing Republican Support for Trump - The Wall Street Journal
White House Moves Testing Republican Support for Trump  The Wall Street Journal
LA 20.10.19 20:11
.'How long can we live like this?': Kurds in growing refugee camp plead for help, end to losses, suffering
The withdrawal is supposed to take place before Tuesday evening, when the cease-fire is set to end.
LA 20.10.19 16:00
.Column: Foreign policy is on the 2020 ballot, right alongside Trump
Ending the endless wars: 2020 voters could face a foreign policy debate unlike any since the 1930s.
LA 20.10.19 13:00
.Measles making a deadly comeback across Africa
Uganda has been grappling with an alarming spate of measles cases, even though there's plenty of the vaccine to go around.
LA 20.10.19 4:44
.Middle school students started a movement that has paralyzed Chile's capital
The Chilean government declared a curfew Saturday in the capital after protests against public transport fare increases led to looting and arson attacks that paralyzed this city of 7 million.
LA 20.10.19 4:44
.Did jailing 'El Chapo' matter? In seizing a city, the Sinaloa cartel shows it's still strong
El Chapo is in prison, but Sinaloa cartel remains strong. This is a city filled with drug lords, a Mexican journalist said. We have 20 'El Chapos' here.
LA 19.10.19 21:41
.Giuliani's conspiracy theories cost this anti-corruption lawmaker in Ukraine his job
Rudolph W. Giuliani, Paul Manafort and the mysterious accounting ledger that cost an anti-corruption Ukrainian lawmaker his position.
CNN 19.10.19 14:53
.Stocks would rally if Trump quits, firm predicts
Wall Street could learn to love a President Pence.
CNN 18.09.19 19:44
.US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters
If you're looking for a reason to care about tree loss, the nation's latest heat wave might be it. Trees can lower summer daytime temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a recent study.
CNN 12.07.19 12:20
.How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis
Rich people don't just have bigger bank balances and more lavish lifestyles than the rest of us -- they also have bigger carbon footprints.
REU 22.10.19 8:19
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